Mother’s Day 14th March March 04 2021

Mother’s Day is creeping upon us....... we have lots of gift ideas perfect for your mums, nannas or grandmas. We also have gift vouchers if you can’t find that perfect gift.

The Mighty Cold January 16 2015

Well the New Year brings anticipation for the year ahead, an empty or low bank balance and the freezing temperatures. I do believe that this can be a great time for your 'look' as accesorising and layers are at there most.

Hats are a must if you leave the house and well if you ever want to feel your fingers again, gloves will be a firm favourite!  I am a huge fan of a winter coat and do not believe 1 a year is enough! A staple winter coat that lasts you years is a must but lighter coats, padded coats and different colours are also good buys, i like to have a choice, dont you? 

I find to keep that heating bill down a nice big chunky cardigan is a girls best friend too in this mighty cold and being warm is a good feeling!

How are you keeping warm this winter?


Lily J London October 01 2014

Well, we are truly loving the New stock from Lily J....Lace, waterfall cardigans, full skirts and beautiful dresses. This collection brings me to think, when you see a new collection in a shop how do you decide which piece is for you?

Do we honestly look through and think ooh yes, I really need a black lace blouse or do we think ooh that's nice, I want that...and that...and that...?!

This brings me to think about self control, I definately don't have any when it comes to clothes, I think I NEED everything I like and I cant see whats wrong with having 10 pairs of black trousers!

The question is, does Gok Wan know better, do we really just need 10 pieces each season that we mix and match and then move on from everytime the leaves fall......?


Layering June 25 2014

I just love it! Layering for me is perfect as it gives me that comfort blanket of extra clothes! I had the misconception that you couldnt layer using baggy pieces but I am loving the loose summer linen trouser with the tight vest and loose t.shirt with dip hem or even a loose linen tunic.... its so addictive for me I have about 6 web pages open looking for bits and am in danger or wearing all my clothes at once. 

People come in the shop and assume you have to be tall and slim to carry it off but I am 5ft2in and think I look good! Ha see it even gives you added confidence as it hides the lumps and bumps or that bit of you, you prefer to hide! 

How do i achieve this look you ask...well...all you need is some staple advice is as follows;

A good pair of good leggings in a shade thats easy to match up

A pair of looser fitting comfort trousers, linen or jersey are my faves

A fitted vest and a long sleeved one too (for me this is key as i get cold!)

Loose jumper or top, I like a dipped hem but any loose fit works

A longer tunic or dress style sleeveless works well over long sleeves

A scarf, any pattern or plain whatever your preference

All of the above can be worn with sandals or shoes, add the jewellery and hat too if you like.....there are no limits to the layers, well until your too heavy or so hot your melting!

The main thing is to have fun! Nothing is wrong, its all a personal choice! Enjoy yourself and work with your own style.

Why throw it? June 05 2014

Have you ever been offered something or seen something being thrown away and thought 'if that was in better condition I would have it' well I do that all the time! I never think oh that could be upcycled. Eve has definately changed that for me! I am constantly seeing things now and thinking oooh that would look great painted up and crystal handles added! I even had the nerve to tell my friend her tired kitchen could do with an upcycle! Good job were friends!! 

I walked into the workshop today and found Bobbi with an old beaten up highchair that turns into a chair and desk that she found near the bin outside a pub! Look at her now.....

A small transformation is happening as I type and I am very excited to find a discarded piece for myself!! Upcycle all the way!

Tilley & Grace Jewellery May 22 2014

Well...we are well and truly hooked! A little delivery today has secured our love for this beautiful jewellery collection. You know when you see something and it just calls out to you...well this collection does that with every piece, dangerous for the purse but amazing for the personal style! 


I have today not been able to hold back and have come home with this little number in the grey...

I am not normally an earring type of gal but I am now dreaming of these lovely earrings....

Can i resist buying every piece in the collection?? Only time will tell.....

Heart & Soul Interiors updated website May 16 2014

Well it was about time we started to update the content on the website and well these things just take so much time! Especially if you have no clue what needs to go where!

We are on it now though! Our home page has been update along with all other pages and our stock is beginning to be loaded which can be purchased online via paypal or by calling us and we can take payment over the phone.

We are so excited to go on this online journey and cant wait to show you the amazing pieces we have. So, go and take a look and if you cant find it online, come and see us at our shop or call us and if we dont have it, you never know....we might be able to find it!


Eve and the Team at Heart and Soul Interiors, Herne Bay, Kent

Additional Furniture Added April 20 2014

More furniture added.Please view. Stock always changing, so please call or pop in to see us.

Website update April 01 2014

We've just updated our website, but still pop in to our shop to see latest stock as well as sales.

First Post January 07 2014

January 2014 ... Heart & Soul Interiors goes online !


Yes, here we are, but of course its better to pop along in person to check out our latest stock !