The Mighty Cold January 16 2015

Well the New Year brings anticipation for the year ahead, an empty or low bank balance and the freezing temperatures. I do believe that this can be a great time for your 'look' as accesorising and layers are at there most.

Hats are a must if you leave the house and well if you ever want to feel your fingers again, gloves will be a firm favourite!  I am a huge fan of a winter coat and do not believe 1 a year is enough! A staple winter coat that lasts you years is a must but lighter coats, padded coats and different colours are also good buys, i like to have a choice, dont you? 

I find to keep that heating bill down a nice big chunky cardigan is a girls best friend too in this mighty cold and being warm is a good feeling!

How are you keeping warm this winter?