Lily J London October 01 2014

Well, we are truly loving the New stock from Lily J....Lace, waterfall cardigans, full skirts and beautiful dresses. This collection brings me to think, when you see a new collection in a shop how do you decide which piece is for you?

Do we honestly look through and think ooh yes, I really need a black lace blouse or do we think ooh that's nice, I want that...and that...and that...?!

This brings me to think about self control, I definately don't have any when it comes to clothes, I think I NEED everything I like and I cant see whats wrong with having 10 pairs of black trousers!

The question is, does Gok Wan know better, do we really just need 10 pieces each season that we mix and match and then move on from everytime the leaves fall......?